Artist Spotlight Feat - JRG Photography June 6, 2019 18:11

James Garcia is a creative born and raised in San Jose California. He is a “still and motion photographer” who is focused in lifestyle and portrait photography. His work is very versatile and touches the realm of videos, illustration and design work. He has worked with companies such as Cukui Clothing, Nima Fadavi, Runners Factory, Breezy Excursion, Ad autowerks and many more.

I asked James about his story and what sparked his curiosity with photography.

“ I had always been fascinated in drawing pictures of Ansel Adams landscapes growing up. So I ventured into the craft of taking photos rather than drawing them. This started back in 1997 when I took a high school photography class. What influenced me the most was my craving to constantly learn. To learn more about the art of photography, from composition, lighting and to editing. “

“The only barriers i faced where the ones the i placed upon himself.” When he said this, it caught my attention that he was indeed right, a lot of the barriers creatives have alot to do with self doubt or the fear of the unknown. He said, “mastering the art of being present and when things don’t add up start subtracting. Keeping things simple for me often allowed those creative barriers to be knocked down.”

Lastly i asked him what advice can he give creatives and people who want to pursue their passion.

“The best advice is to remember that photography is about how you see the world and not about how the world sees you. We all have a gifts in life focus on your strengths and strengthen them . Also always remain a student in this craft,  that will allow you to constantly grow. Remember that the best gift you can give yourself is time. For me that’s through photography, I carry a camera with me everyday and it allows me to slow down, be present and capture the moment to a single frame.”

James current work extends into small business promotional work, family portraits, logo design and videography.

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Writeup by Chasing Rooftops. 
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