$ 5.00

7 Year Anniversary Release! 

The number seven represents several different things in many cultures around the world. Whether speaking in terms of religion, cosmology, science, or even regarding “luck”, the auspicious nature of the number seven often veer towards the positives in society. It has been seven years since we first opened our doors in San Jose’s Japantown, and although we are no longer spring chickens in the eyes of the industry we acknowledge that we have so much more to learn and accomplish as a company and members of this global community we have built along the way.


Our anniversary collection is a culmination of ideas and relationships that we have solidified over the years with our partners and friends. It helps to serve our broaden interests and the expanding needs of our supporters who have grown with us since day one. Whether raising families, venturing out into the world exploring, or discovering our brand for the first time, these changes are important to acknowledge because nothing stays the same forever. So we will continue to grow as you grow, day-after-day. 

Our creed continues to stay the same. We will always create products and events that help to serve the creative community on the mainland to the outer lands. Keep up with us in the months ahead as we have some great news to share with you all.