Cukui x Bags43 Tshirt - Grey

$ 15.00

Cukui x Bags43 Tshirt - Grey

Dennis (Bagger43) Brown, was born in Philippines in 1983 (Half Filipino/Half Jamaican.) His father was in the United States Air Force, and, in affect, Dennis grew up on the move at different bases, mostly throughout Asia (Japan, Okinawa, Hawaii, & Philippines.) He moved to the U.S. in 2001 to pursue college, attending Ringling College of Art & Design. He received a BFA in Illustration and went on to work in an array of different artistic genres. He's worked as a Freelance Illustrator, showcased his art in gallery shows, and has even worked in full-time art positions for companies including Marc Ecko and Zynga. .
He will be capping off Cukui’s Jtown Artwalk season with an assortment of new prints, illustrations, and an limited edition t-shirt.

100% Cotton Preshrunk Tee.



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