Cukui Presents- Joey Armstrong Art Show

Cukui is and forever will be rooted and grounded in three things: community, culture, and art. The blessings of
making connections with people of all walks of life is that you find kindred spirits who share in your passions
and lifestyle.

This month we have a special guest and friend by the name of Joey Armstrong showcasing his heart and soul
in the select pieces he’ll be bringing to this show. As a featured tattoo artist at the Seventh Son Tattoo studio he
often works alongside our founder, Orly Locquiao, sharing in the love of this craft and providing a service for
those willing to be inked.

Vibrant, emotive, and symbolic, come out and enjoy what will be a great night in Japantown.

And as always we will be dropping some new gear on y’all that night!

Love and blessings! Cukui mayne!

- The Cukui Team

Sounds for the night provided by DJ Traps of the Freshman Crew!

May 13th, 2011 (Friday)
229 Jackson St.
San Jose, CA 95112