Holidays are here! New Drops from Cukui 12/8/17

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Happy Holidays! We are bringing the heat for the Holidays. See what we have in store for you.
As we continue to explore the crossroads that intersect the many creative
avenues of the past to their relationships to the present, this next series of designs
explores our love of tattoo culture and the reverence to the traditional motifs of
flash art in western tattoo culture.
Tattoo flash held ideas and possibilities that were made for the unknowing and
curious. These ideas and themes can be seen in tattoo parlors around the world,
enduring past their antiquated origins and now projected as recognizable symbols
of tattoo’s great past. Tattooing is imbedded in the fabric of Cukui’s history and
culture and we are always willing to express our story with you all.
Cukui New Era Pom Beanies
One size fits most
Fatkid x Cukui Tee
Mens | Womens | Kids
Humble Rose
Black / Gry Raglan / Ath Grey Pullover
Sizes: Small – 3XL
Sizes: Small – 3XL
Humble Rooted
Sizes: Small – 3XL
Black & Grey Tahitian Tribal Tee
Sizes: Small – 3XL
Women’s Humble Rooted | Rose Tee
Sizes: Small – XL
Cukui Presents:
The Artwork of Andrew Ghiringhelli
Dec 8, 2017 – 7PM-10PM
229 Jackson Street
San Jose, CA 95112
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