Never grow up!

For the month of December we will be hosting a gallery with our good friend, Fatkid Art. Never Ever Grow Up. Make sure to save the date!

Andrew Ghiringhelli
BA in Art from California Statue University East Bay

Artist Statement:

In a way, I have been working on FATKID my entire life. FATKID lives in a world created by my childhood. Like most kids, I grew up on the likes of Disney, The Muppets and Sesame Street. I was inspired early on by artists such as Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein and Graeme Base. My vision for FATKID has been to take these childhood dreams and inspirations, and not let them fade away into obscurity, but instead, bring them with me into my adult reality.

FATKID is about holding on and embracing your childhood. It’s unlocking that magic we all naturally have when we are children. Through FATKID, I am able to bring my childhood with me wherever I go, and for the viewer, hopefully, with a sense of nostalgia, it will bring them back to a time and place in their life when imagination, creativity and fun ruled all things. Thank you and remember… Never, ever grow up.