Kid Nunez Show 2015

Next up to bat! We got the talented Kid Nunez with a few years of experience behind the lens.

About the Artist:

This past year, I have traveled out of my hometown of San Jose, CA, and headed south to Santa Maria, and the Los Angeles area, as well as other cities in and out of the Bay Area. With the help and support of the guys from Deadend Magazine, brothers Jesus and Juan Espinoza, I have had the opportunity to photograph other custom rides and lowriders. With Deadend’s worldwide following, I have been recognized by followers at car shows, and I have met a lot people along the way.
Also, I have started to shoot with models with cars, and with some help and guidance from Ruby Ramirez, I hope to do some more portraits in the near future. More videos and video editing is also something I have been, and will be working on. A few weeks ago, I was actually the one on the other side of the camera when I was being filmed for a German TV documentary. It was a fun experience and another great opportunity that has came my way.
This past year, I feel that I have grown as a photographer, and learned how to better capture what I am visualizing in my mind, with my camera. With tips from fellow photographers, and just experimenting with the settings on my camera, I have really enhanced my photography.
And last, but most important, I couldn’t have done all of this without the support of my Family and friends. Thank you, to all who have continued and will continue to support me and my passion for photography.