Painting the town.

S/O to the good friend – @luckyolelo burnin the walls at #powwowhawaii. Shot by @mattbruening . I’ve known this kid since he was airbrushing at International Market in Waikiki in 99′. 17 years ago he wanted to change his life and learn the trade of tattooing. He was determined and had a heart of iron. Why Iron? Because of all the sh*t he had to endure, sleeping at the shop if the boss left his key, making needles, cleaning, food runs, being a driver, basically anything and everything. I remember driving with him and Pooino , I was driving him home in my 87 cutty, and I asked Pooino, what do you think about this kid? He can draw, he’s an artist, he’s a hard worker and he has heart. Do you want to be an apprentice? And that was that. Now he’s old grumpy and one of my favorite people in this crazy world. I admire this dude for the path he took and the paths he takes. Well chosen to make him the man he is today. Uncle Lucky to some, but me, always Lucky Olelo. Blessings Lil bro, keep elevating.

Pow Wow Hawaii

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