Pokemon Go Collective Artshow

For the many that didn’t get to go, we got you! For our last show of the year we gathered some of our friends to honor this series with a collection of original pieces interpreting the elements and icons that make the Pokémon series much more than a game, but a culture to fans and enthusiasts from all around the world. Enjoy!


pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-0 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-1 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-2 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-3 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-4 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-16 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-15 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-14 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-13 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-12 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-11 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-10 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-9 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-8 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-7 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-6 pokemon-go-cukui-artshow-5