Cukui’s Biggest Sale of the Year + Black Friday Collection! $10 Tees, $25 Sweaters, $20 Hats and more!

It’s that time of the year again where the temperature cools down and the communal vibrations are felt throughout the world. Whether you are knee deep in the snow, or just feeling the cool breeze course through the tropics, there is no doubt about it: the holidays are here!
Once again we will be having our annual Black Friday sale this week. This is our opportunity to give our supporters a chance to grab select designs and products they might have missed at a bargain price at our flagship store in San Jose’s Japantown.
229 Jackson St.
San Jose, CA 95112
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Now on to the Cukui 2016 Black Friday Collection.
Now available online and instore.
Cukui Gridiron Jersey + Long Sleeve Tshirt
Sizes: Small – 3XL
Cukui Shark Attack Tee + Hoody
Sizes Small – 3XL
Cukui Tour Shirt
Sizes: Small – 3XL
Details: Custom dip dyed tshirt giving it a unique look.
Cukui Triangles White + Black Long Sleeve
Sizes: Small – 3XL
 Cukui Trifecta Short Sleeve Hoody
Sizes: Small – 2XL
Cukui Wavy Snapback
Details: Black basketweave material, C logo on the front.
One size fits most
Cukui Black + Grey Joggers
Sizes: Small – 2XL
Era Tshirt + Coach Jacket
Sizes: Small – 3XL
Stacked Logo Tshirt + Sweater
Sizes: Small – 3XL
Women’s Trifecta Sweater
One Size fits most
Women’s Stacked Logo Sweater
Sizes: Small – XL
Cukui: 229 Jackson Street San Jose CA 95112
Hours: Tues-Sat 11am – 7pm | Sun 11pm – 6pm