Reflections by Hugo McCloud

Hugo McCloud, builder of the Cukui Flagship Store shares his thoughts on the completion of the project:

The project has come to its end, but the true beginning has now begun, a beginning with new family members who will continue to support and enhance each other’s skills and talents. I have to say that this project was truly a blessing and a joy. The freedom to explore the possibilities, to be creative and make due with what was in front of you. Though this project did come with its own set of obstacles, bloodshed (real blood that is), pain, and head scratches. Yet without pain there would not be any focus. My thanks to Calvin George Leung (the connection), the Locquiao family, Dandiggity, Charles Allen Shaw, and the whole Cukui family and its supporters. This has been my most enjoyable project thus far. To Nate Mccloud, I appreciate the help, support, and hard work you did on documenting this entire project. Everyone please look out for the video documentary on the development and process of the Cukui flagship store, by Nate Mccloud.

Photos: Nate McCloud
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 Hugo McCloud